Times are tough and getting tougher. Quite frankly, the economy sucks and good people are falling on hard times. If you need a reliable car, truck. or van, but have serious credit issues you need to contact us now.

We understand your problems...we REALLY do!


We promise:

to treat you with respect...

to use all the tools at our disposal to get you approved...

to be honest with you...

not to 'jerk' you around...

and finally, to get you approved if it's at all possible...



1450 Pomona Rd,
Corona, CA 92882

Inland Empire/Riverside & San Diego Counties
Orange County
Los Angeles County

Customers Mike and Gloria Guiterrez
'04 Honda Accord LX
"The bank took our house just over a year ago when we fell behind on our mortgage (and other bills). Then we had to give our car back to the bank because we just couldn't make the payments. I had already lost my job, but things got much worse when Mike was laid off (after 9 years) because of 'downsizing'.

We'd been to 5 other dealers before we found you on Craigslist. I was skeptical, but Mike said why not give it just one more try.

So we contacted you and when you said you could do it, I still didn't believe it could be done. It seemed like all you car guys were the same...all talk and promises but no results.

But you were different. You did it for us. 2 days after I faxed over the paperwork you wanted, we were driving home in a Honda Accord and Mike is able to drive to work instead of taking the train. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you for making it happen,
Gloria (and Mike)

Serving the Inland Empire/San Bernardino/Riverside/San Diego Counties (760)595-5510 ~ Orange County (714)360-2258 ~ Los Angeles County (323)345-1917



1) A valid job (minimum of 3 months, the longer the better) with verifiable income of at least $1500 per month (before taxes). This has to be a real job...if you don't work, or have no way of proving what you make...don't call. SSI and child support DO count as additional income. Get paid cash? We may still be able to help.

2) A valid driver's license. No license? How do you expect to drive?

3) A utility bill or piece of junk mail addressed to you at your legal residence. If you live under a bridge or in a cardboard box on the beach...don't call.

4) An EZ down payment...usually $500 to $1000 down gets the approval.

5) A realistic expectation of the vehicle(s) that we will approve you for. If you just had a repo, are on a new job making only the minimum monthly income don't expect a BMW or a lifted F-250. We will, however, approve you for a
reliable, serviced and warrantied car, truck, suv, or van. And we will make it affordable, too!

Remember, we didn't get you into this mess, but we'll do our best to help get you out of it.

And of course,
the more down payment and/or job stability and income you have...the more options you will have.

Located in the city of Corona on the 91 freeway, we're easy to get to, and worth the drive from ANYWHERE in Southern California.
We may even be able to provide transportation to our dealership.

So if you need a good, reliable, affordable car, truck, or van, and have difficult credit issues,
you need to contact us today...and you could be driving as soon as tomorrow.

But you have to take the first step...